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Tier  Four: Beauty

Our Beauty Packages were designed to strengthen hair, skin and nails and help support weight loss by delivering fluid and vitamins directly into your bloodstream.

Ageless Beauty


Beauty goes deeper than the skin. Get a fresh glow with this youthful boost. Brighten up your hair, skin & mood to give you that extra glow. Tightens and brightens to help turn back time from the inside out. This Ageless Beauty drip helps you fill fine lines, clear up your complexion, and fight the signs of aging.

Ingredients: 1L NS, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium, B-Complex, B12, Biotin

Slim Boost


Rev up your slim down power. Stimulate fat burning to promote natural weight loss. This drip gives you a jump-start on a leaner body by stimulating your metabolism, which means healthy weight loss becomes easier than ever. Staying active will finally do some good! Stubborn fat melts away with the help of our essential blend of vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: 1L NS, B12, B-Complex, L-Carnitine, Glutathione, Amino Blend, Taurine, MICC Lipolean B12 – IM Only

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